Kurt Wüthrich

Aromatic Ring Flips in Protein Dynamics

Category: Lectures

Date: 28 June 2017

Duration: 36 min

Quality: HD MD SD

Kurt Wüthrich (2017) - Aromatic Ring Flips in Protein Dynamics


It is a major asset of NMR spectroscopy in solution that it enables complementation of information on the architecture of biological macromolecules with data on conformational equilibria, and on intra- and inter-molecular rate processes. This lecture will focus on intra-molecular polymorphisms and rate processes. In addition to high-frequency events, in the range of the time scale of the rotational Brownian motions of the molecules considered, “ring flips” of phenylalanine and tyrosine in globular proteins fall into a second NMR-accessible range of rate processes, from microseconds to seconds. NMR observation and computational modeling of ring flips will be discussed and related to other observations on dynamic processes in biological macromolecules.


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