Jean-Pierre Sauvage

From Chemical Topology to Molecular Machines

Category: Lectures

Date: 29 June 2017

Duration: 32 min

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Jean-Pierre Sauvage (2017) - From Chemical Topology to Molecular Machines


The area named "Chemical Topology" is mostly concerned with molecules whose molecular graph is non planar, i.e. which can not be represented in a plane without crossing points. The most important family of such compounds is that of catenanes. The simplest catenane, a [2]catenane, consists of two interlocking rings. Interlocking ring compounds have attracted much interest in the molecular sciences, first as pure synthetic challenges and, more recently, as components of functional materials.

Separately, the field of artificial molecular machines has experienced a spectacular development, in relation to molecular devices at the nanometric level or mimics of biological motors. In biology, motor proteins are of the utmost importance in a large variety of processes essential to life. A few recent examples of molecular machines are based on simple or more complex rotaxanes or catenanes. Particularly significant examples include "molecular shuttles" as well as multi-rotaxanes reminiscent of muscles or able to act as switchable receptors. Finally, potential applications of molecular machines will be discussed.