Next Generation Antibiotics

Lecture by Ada E. Yonath

Category: Lectures

Date: 1 July 2021

Quality: HD MD SD

Next Generation Antibiotics (2021) - Lecture by Ada E. Yonath


After 2 decades of research against all odds, including pioneering advanced technology, and experiments in the outer space, we discovered how the basic life process, the translation of the genetic code to proteins, is performed by ribosomes in all living cells. We showed that ribosomes possess spectacular architecture, which allow their smooth performance in decoding the genetic code that is carried by mRNA and in providing a pocket-like internal region of elaborate architecture that positions the amino-acids in appropriates stereochemistry for peptide bond formation.
Owing to the vital role of the ribosomes, they are targeted by many antiatoms, that contain non bio-degradable parts and act by paralyzing the ribosomes by binding their active sites, therefore do not distinguish between the pathogens and the microbiome. Hence, we extended our structural studies to ribosomes from genuine multi-resistant pathogens and identified peripheral structural elements that can account partially or fully for species specificity. Thus may lead to the design of species specific eco-friendly drugs, while preserving the microbiome.